A collectible figure, plus slime that you can eat? Egg-scuse me, that sounds egg-cellent!

Yolkies, the newest offering from RedwoodVenturesFoodie Surprise line, takes Candy Slime Eggs (and the egg theme!) up a notch. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, each Yolkies egg is full of surprises, sweets, and slimy fun.

When kids open a Yolkies egg, they’ll find a cup of clear, edible slime inside that resembles a cracked egg — complete with a gummy, yellow yolk. The slime doesn’t have a specific flavor, but it is certainly sweet. For added play value, kids can choose to pour out the included slime and play with it, but be prepared for sticky hands! For less mess, kids can also eat the candy slime with a spoon. There is no way to re-seal the cup of slime, though, so kids should only open it when they are ready to play with and/or eat their treat.

While the edible slime is a one-time experience, there is a second element to Yolkies that keeps the fun going. When kids unscrew the bottom of the egg, they will discover a small, plastic Yolkies figure hidden inside — an adorable egg dressed as another food. There are 12 styles to collect in season one, including ice cream, chicken, hot dog, and sushi. Each also features a round, yellow, rubber “yolk” head with a fun facial expression. Kids can remove the heads and swap them between figures to create new combinations and give their Yolkies different personalities.

With a low price point, too, these collectible treats are certainly all they’re cracked up to be!

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Madeleine Buckley

Madeleine Buckley

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