Some things never change, like how often kids want to watch Frozen 2, or sing songs from Frozen 2, or talk about Frozen 2. Now, those familiar characters and tunes are getting an upgrade with Playmates ToysAdventure Storytelling Frozen 2 figures.

These interactive figures are designed for kids ages 4 and up and bring a little bit of magic — just like Elsa — to playtime. Right now, kids can collect Anna, Elsa, and Olaf, each dressed in their adventure outfits from Frozen 2 (Olaf even has permafrost detailing).

The three figures are each sold separately, and they feature a few different play modes for kids to explore. Kids can touch sensors on the character’s stomach and face to hear different phrases from and inspired by the movie, or lift the figure’s left arm to hear the character sing a clip of a Frozen 2 song. (Anna sings “The Next Right Thing,” Olaf sings “When I’m Older,” and Elsa sings “Into the Unknown.”) As the characters talk, they blink and move their heads (and in Olaf’s case, his mouth), making them look a little more realistic and interactive.

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There are sensors for motion, too — if kids drop the figures, move them through the air too quickly, or put them face down, the characters will comment that they are dizzy, say “woah!,” and more. There are small, character-specific touches that Frozen fans will appreciate, too. Moving Elsa’s right arm, for example, produces the sound of her ice powers. And if the notoriously clumsy Anna ends up face-down, she says “Whoops, tripped!”

While kids play, the characters will also prompt them to go on an adventure. In this mode, the figures simulate different obstacles to overcome, and kids have to choose which way to handle the situation by either raising the figure’s right arm or laying it down flat. This is definitely a feature that older kids will appreciate more, but younger fans will still enjoy hearing Anna, Elsa, and Olaf talk about their adventures.

Each of these figures offer a fun play experience on their own, but they truly shine when kids have more than one, because they interact with each other. If kids turn on two or more figures and face them toward each other, they will carry out full conversations — it really does feel like magic. The conversations will change depending on which characters are interacting. They’ll discuss whether or not to leave Arendelle, play a game of charades, sing “Some Never Change” together, and more.

While the figures don’t have volume control, they do have an off switch for times when playing needs to be a bit quieter. Even without the interactive elements turned on, these figures are great for imaginative fun.

One important thing to note: When getting these figures out of the box, be sure to open the bottom of the box, too. The instructions and a base for the figure are tucked inside and can be easy to miss. However, both are very important — the instructions detail everything the figures can do, while the removable stand helps keep all of the figures standing upright during play.

As Anna says, we should always try do the next right thing. And for Frozen fans, these dolls are definitely the next right thing.

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