2014 Hottest Toys Frozen Favorites

No matter how hot the weather got, this year has been particularly icy, due to kids worldwide belting out “Let it Go,” asking innocent by-standers if they wanna build a snowman, and breaking DVD players by watching Disney Frozen on an endless loop. This holiday season, Frozen toys are topping wish lists far and wide, but before just grabbing the first hint of blue you see on the shelf, check out our top 10 picks below:

2014 Hottest Toys Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll1. Snow Glow Elsa (Jakks Pacific), $34.99

This interactive doll is the ultimate gift for any child who can’t get enough of Disney Frozen. Elsa’s dress lights up in a flurry of snowflakes when kids press her magical necklace. She speaks 15 phrases inspired by the film, and when kids lift her left arm in the air, she magically sings 32 seconds of “Let it Go” as originally recorded by Idina Menzel. Elsa speaks in English or Spanish, she features beautiful “royal reflection” eyes with incredible detail, and she even comes with her pal Olaf. This toddler-version of Elsa is great for younger kids, and she is larger than a standard 12-inch fashion doll, making it easy for kids to tote her around.
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2014 Hottest Toys Cool Tunes Sing Along Boombox2. Cool Tunes Singalong Boombox (eKids), $34.99

This boombox is great for Frozen lovers of all ages, as it allows kids to plug in an MP3 device and listen to all of their favorite Frozen tracks, or any other song they want. Fashioned to look like a fun purse for kids, the boombox prominently displays Elsa and Anna on the front, buttons that look like frosty jewels, and a real, working microphone. The boombox speaks encouraging phrases to keep kids singing, such as “What a performance!” Kids can select three tunes from the film that are built into the boombox, including “Let it Go” as sung by Demi Lovato, “For the First Time in Forever” by Kristen Bell, and “In Summer” by Josh Gad. Since Frozen really is all about the music, kids are sure to love this charming toy.
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2014 Hottest Toys Mix Em Up Olaf

3. Mix Em Up Olaf (Disney Consumer Products), $24.95

So, do you wanna build a snowman? Well, now you can! Mix Em Up Olaf includes 14 interchangable parts so kids can build their very own version of the hilarious summer-loving sidekick from the film. With two different heads, his iconic summer hat, snow boots, a ukelele, sunglasses, and more, kids will love mixing up all of the pieces to create their favorite version of the snowy pal. Perfect for boys who might not be so into doll play, Mix Em Up Olaf provides them with a great way to get their Frozen fix.

2014 Hottest Toys Frozen Dresses4. Anna & Elsa Musical Light Up Dresses (Jakks Pacific), $24.99 each

 Kids love to play pretend, but now they can dress up as their favorite Frozen sisters all year round. The Elsa dress features enchanting light-up snowflakes and a sheer cape. When kids press the activation button, they can hear Idina Menzel’s “Let it Go” play directly from the dress. With sparkling fabric and glittering snowflakes, all kids need is a long blonde braid to feel just like the snow queen herself. Anna’s dress features motion-activated lights and her exciting song “For the First Time in Forever.” Kids can twirl around to activate the fun effects. The dress also features glittering flower details and an Anna pendant at the center.
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2014 Hottest Toys Frozen Playset

5. Castle & Ice Palace Playset (Mattel), $119.99

This oversized play set features two Frozen settings: the Arendelle castle and Elsa’s majestic ice palace, so kids won’t have to choose between their favorite sisters! Kids can pretend to get Anna ready at her vanity, let her have a yummy snack in the kitchen, or let her warm her heart by the fire. In the ice palace, Elsa can take the snowflake stairs up to her icy throne or get ready at her very own vanity, which also doubles as a bed. Both the inside and the outside of the play set features fun ways for kids to make believe and recreate their favorite moments from their favorite film. While the 12-inch compatible dolls are sold separately, the play set does include Olaf, who kids can take for a ride down the mountain slide on the outside of the play set. The play set is also big enough to entertain multiple kids at one time, perfect for families with multiple Frozen fanatics.
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2014 Hottest Toys Hide and Hug Olaf

6. Hide-and-Huge Olaf (Disney Publishing), $24.99

What does Olaf love most? Warm hugs, of course! This book-and-plush combo allows kids to enjoy a brand new story about their favorite snowman (sorry, Frosty) while enjoying a fun hide-and-seek game with their parents. Not only can kids practice reading skills and enjoy some family bonding time, but they get to interact with Olaf in a whole new way and deliver his very favorite thing: warm hugs!

2014 Hottest Toys Frozen BuildABear

7. Frozen Build-a-Bear Collection (Build-a-Bear Workshop), $25 each

Trips to the mall are getting a little bit cooler this season, thanks to Build-a-Bear. These soft and cuddly stuffed friends are perfect for snuggles during the winter. Kids can quite literally build a snowman (Olaf) or they can create their very own bear-versions of Elsa and Anna. Plus, kids can accessorize their bears with outfits, wigs, and even sounds from the film. A really creative way to bring the characters from the film to life, the licensed plush give families a way to create memories with a Frozen twist.
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2014 Hottest Toys Pop Up Magic Board Game

8. Frozen Pop Up Magic Board Game (Hasbro), $14.99

While Frozen is already a staple for family movie night, now the beloved characters are infiltrating family game night, too! With this game, players go on a magical journey to Elsa’s ice castle, which is presented in a beautiful, intricate 3-D structure on the gameboard. The game includes adorable Anna, Elsa, and Olaf figures that kids will love to play with even outside of the structured game play. Kids can expand the fun by connecting the Frozen gameboard to additional Disney Princess Pop Up Magic games, including the Tangled edition.

2014 Hottest Toys FrozenIce Skating Dolls

9. Ice Skating Anna & Elsa Fashion Dolls (Mattel), $26.99

Frozen fans can start lacing up their skates! These fashion dolls bring the Frozen magic to life in a whole new way. As kids push the dolls along, they gracefully move their arms and legs as if they are really skating across the ice. Anna is dressed in a cute pink cape and a removable blue skirt, while Elsa sports her iconic sparkly blue gown and white cape, just like in the movie. Each doll comes with a snowflake base, so it’s easier for little ones to glide the dolls around. Girls will love to recreate the magical movie moment when Elsa gives Anna ice skates in celebration of her controlled powers, or they can tell their own imaginative icy tales!

2014 Hottest Toys Crystal Kingdom Vanity10. Crystal Kingdom Vanity (Jakks Pacific), $49.99

Great for pretend play, this vanity design is inspired by Elsa’s iconic Ice Palace from the film. Kids can kneal at the pink and blue vanity while pretending to get ready to look pretty as a princess—or queen! When they press the gem in the center of the tabletop, they will see images of Elsa and Anna magically appear in the mirror, and hear Anna sing “First Time in Forever.” The vanity also includes fun accessories, like an Elsa-white hair extension, a comb, and a necklace for dressup play. Kids can store all of the accessories and more in the pull-out drawer.

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