Kids can discover different versions of Ana and Elsa. | Source: Mattel

For the first time in forever, Mattel is bringing the magic of Disney to its popular Color Reveal doll line — and you’ll love the Disney Frozen Snow Color Reveal dolls more than Sven loves carrots and Olaf loves summer.

This collection of budget-friendly dolls is designed for kids ages 3 and up and comes packaged inside opaque-blue tubes. When kids open up the tubes, they’ll find smaller packages and an instruction sheet inside.

Kids will reveal an Anna or Elsa figure that has been entirely covered in a color coating, which makes it impossible tell exactly which of the four possible doll styles kids have discovered. Kids can place the doll inside the tube, add in the snow mix and some water, shake it up, and watch the magic happen. For younger kids, grownups may want to help with this part of the process.

The tube will fill up with a snow-textured compound, which will wash away the color coating to reveal the doll inside. The longer kids shake the tube, the more of the color they’ll wash away. You can even make this part of the unboxing process more fun by playing kids’ favorite Frozen song to dance and shake along to!

Once the doll is well-shaken, kids can fish Anna or Elsa out of the tube. There are two possible versions of each sister, inspired by Frozen and Frozen 2. If there’s any remaining color left over, it’s easy to wash off with water. You may want to have paper towels or a brush on hand to get the color out of tinier crevices, such as the lines in Elsa’s braided hair.

The dolls and accessories that kids might discover | Source: Mattel

Each doll also comes with accessories to unpack, including a figure of Olaf or Bruni, a cape, and more. They will also find a colorful ring that they can wear, but that’s not the only kid-size accessory in this set. The top of the tube also slides out to become a crown that kids can wear to feel like Arendelle royalty.

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If you store it safely inside the tube, the snow compound can last without drying out for quite some time, and kids can use it along with the figures to re-create some of their favorite moments from Frozen. However, if you’d prefer to keep play a bit less messy or take these figures on the go, adults can rinse out and dry the tube and it becomes a great storage option for the figures and accessories.

Each of these Color Reveal dolls only costs $11.99, making them an affordable option with plenty of play value for the Frozen-loving littles in your life.

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