During difficult times, we can all use just a little more magic — and an excuse to play in the backyard.

Fubbles Bubbles on the Go bubble pouches let families enjoy the magic of bubbles anytime, anywhere.

Each bubble pouch is completely sealed and features a bubble wand attached to the screw-off top, meaning kids don’t need to fish around in the solution to find it — a major plus for parents who hate messes. The bubble wands feature three different-sized holes so kids can blow bubbles in multiple sizes, creating a picture-perfect landscape with lots of bubbles to chase around!

Fubbles Bubbles on the Go pouches contain 3 ounces of bubble liquid, so it’s not too much or too little. The pouches come in four vibrant colors kids can choose from. Parents can buy a six-pack to keep the bubble fun going all summer long, a 12-pack for a party, or grab individual pouches for less than $2 each.

The bubble-toy lives up to its name: it can truly go anywhere! It can fit in a diaper bag, the bottom of a stroller, or in the crevice of Mom’s never-ending purse. I threw two in the bottom of my work bag about a week ago and they look exactly the same as when they went in despite jostling around with my keys, lunches, and the occasional board game or puzzle.

Kids are great at testing the boundaries of “indestructible” items. Still, no matter the test I put it through, Fubbles Bubbles on the Go seemed kid-proof. I even stood on the pouch and it didn’t pop! The bubbles all stayed safely within the pouch. I think that all parents can rejoice behind bubbles that don’t get onto everything.

While kids are stuck at home, Bubbles on the Go can provide a great excuse to get outside and play, unlocking just a little bit of magic while kids keep active, laughing, and having fun.

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Nicole Savas

Nicole Savas

As a kid, Nicole either wanted to be a professional toy player-wither or a writer. Somehow, as social media editor for The Toy Insider, The Toy Book, and The Pop Insider, she’s found a career as both. She's grateful to work somewhere that she can fully embrace both her love of teddy bears and her admiration for the Oxford comma. When she's not playing with toys at work, she's playing with her baby girl at home.