Remember when you were a kid and were assigned to the kid’s table at Thanksgiving? You sat longing for the days to be able to sit with the adults. The kids’ table used to feel like a punishment—but those days are over!

With these fun ideas, you will be longing to go back to the kids’ table! The more fun the kids are having at the table, the more they are out of your hair!

Fun Ideas for the Thanksgiving Kid's Table

Make them a Thanksgiving Kit. This adorable kit from Design Dazzle will keep them busy for a while. Kit includes supplies for a paper chain, a thankful card, and a craft.


Print out some Mad Libs. Who doesn’t love a Mad Lib? The whole kids’ table will be laughing after filling out these Thanksgiving Mad Libs from How Does She.


Throw some butcher paper on the table. This is super easy and inexpensive! Grab some butcher paper or craft paper and use it as the tablecloth. Throw some crayons on the table and let the little ones go to town! I love how Project Nursery set up their kids’ table!


Set up some festive games. Grab some Jack Be Littles in orange and white and you have yourself a game of Tic-Tac-Toe like It’s Overflowing created. You could even draw the grid onto the craft paper!



How do you keep the kid entertained during Thanksgiving dinner?

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