Galactic Jaxx ball and jacks game from JAKKS Pacific
Launch into space with the new spin on the classic game of jacks. | Source: Jakks Pacific

The new game Galactic Jaxx from Jakks Pacific will launch kids into space in a race against time. Ideal for kids ages 6 and up, the rules of Galactic Jaxx are the same as the old-fashioned game of jacks, but with an interstellar theme.

Players will bounce a Space Ball drop and try to pick up the correct Jaxx piece that matches the color on their Constellation Card before it hits the ground. The winner must complete their Constellation Card and score 15 points. 

The Drop Zone, Space Ball, Jaxx, Constellation Cards, and Star Gear Tracker gameplay pieces in Galactic Jaxx game.
Galactic Jaxx has several gameplay pieces to add to the fun. | Source: Jakks Pacific

More than just a ball and a set of jacks, Galactic Jaxx has other features to heighten gameplay. The Drop Zone Spinner is a twirling device that looks like a UFO and spreads the Jaxx around to resemble stars in the galaxy, making them harder to pick up. Each round gets more difficult as players use their Star Gear Tracker to increase or decrease the number of Jaxx they must pick up. 

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The game is a constant fight to pick up the correct color and number of Jaxx while catching the Space Ball before it lands on the table. You can watch the YouTube tutorial below to learn more about the challenging gameplay. 

The unique card abilities add an extra layer of competition and fun to the classic game. Some of the Constellation Cards have special abilities that players can use once during their turn to have a better chance of a successful grab. Galactic Jaxx is available now for $14.99.

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