Get your teens outside this spring! | Source: Gel Blaster

There’s nothing like fun in the sun!

Get the kids outside this spring with Gel Blasters and PaddleSmash! The Gel Blasters line features toy blasters that blast non-toxic and eco-friendly gel pellets that are safe for both kids and pets. Paddle Smash combines the fun of Pickleball and Spikeball as a fun way to compete outdoors. 

The Gel Blaster Surge features safe, non-toxic gel pellets that are activated with water. | Source: Gel Blaster

Perfect for kids ages 9 and up, the Gel Blaster Surge blasts gel pellets that leave no stain and disintegrate on contact by dehydrating immediately. The gel pellets (called Gellets) can reach speeds of up to 170 feet per second. Kids can upgrade their Gel Blaster Surge with the Starfire Feedneck for glow-in-the-dark play. 

PaddleSmash only requires a little bit of space for a whole lot of fun! | Source: PaddleSmash

Bring kids’ competitive sides out with PaddleSmash! This active game only requires a flat surface and kids can play it at the beach, the park, or while waiting for a pickleball court to free up. Each set comes with a PaddleSmash court, a foldable net, four pickleball paddles, and two pickleballs. Players ages 12 and up can stand on the opposite side of the court from their teammates to bump, set, and smash the ball into the court so it bounces in and over the net. If they miss, the other team scores. Best for two to four players, each game takes around 15 minutes to play. 

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The Gel Blaster Surge is available for $49.99 on Amazon and PaddleSmash is available for $199.99 on Amazon. Grab your loved ones and go enjoy the nice weather with these new games!

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