Box3DWith the Geometiles 96-piece construction set, from Imathgination, kids build structures that teach them important math concepts. Featuring plastic, colored shapes that snap together, the set includes 12 squares, 24 equilateral triangles, 24 right scalene triangles (of two types), 12 regular pentagons, 12 right isosceles triangles, and 12 rectangles. includes unlimited online access to hundreds of math problems, shape ideas, and mental challenges.TilesBefore they start, kids should ask for their parents’ permission to register here. The resources site includes unlimited online access to hundreds of math problems, shape ideas, and mental challenges that add tons of play value to the set. There is a physical quick start guide included too, which features a short introduction to the set, design ideas, and how-to guides on how to assemble and take apart structures.

Geometiles is what its name suggests—a build experience that focuses on honing kids’ geometry and fine motor skills. The plastic tiles feature grooves and prongs that allow tiny hands to snap two together to create an interlocking shape. They can be connected in a number of ways, like pushing them together on a surface, in the air, at an angle, or after aligning the connectors. Kids should have no trouble no matter which method they use.ProblemListFollowing along with the challenges the resource site provides, kids get to explore countless problems and solutions. There’s 3-D Solid Understanding challenges for kids at the older end of the scale, more basic shape challenges for younger kids, and other workbooks that focus on fractions, angles, and tangrams.

The workbooks provided give kids a chance to fully dive into the learning process. They provide introductions to concepts, objectives, problems, and solutions complete with colored illustrations. There are even recommended lesson plans for adults who want to incorporate Geometiles into their school curriculum or daily routine at home. HintsWhen kids are done, they can follow the included instruction booklet to help them take apart their closed structures. Kids can take the pointed end of a triangle piece and insert it into the joint of a closed space to expand it and free the pieces. This process takes patience at times, but it’s important in the long term.

Geometiles challenges young ones to creatively explore through hands-on construction and exploration.

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