Kids can create a safe zone with the glowing markers and run from the ghosts! | Source: StarLux Games

Want your kids to be more active? This game will have them running from ghosts!

Ghosts in the Graveyard Redux is a spooky, tag-style game from Starlux Games, recommended for kids ages 5 and up. The game is meant for 4-8 players and is a fun way to encourage kids to take a break from technology and run around outside. 

Some players take on the role of ghosts, who hide and haunt, while others become the ghost hunters. Once a hunter spots a ghost, the hunter must yell a warning and race back to the safe zone. If a ghost taggs a hunter before they make it back to the safe zone, the hunter becomes a ghost the following round. Each game starts out with only one ghost, but the number of ghosts will grow as more hunters get caught.

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The game comes with seven ghost hunter bracelets and four safe zone markers with batteries. Players will create the safe zone by placing the glowing markers in a 10-foot square on the ground. The bracelets and the safe zone markers glow, so kids can even play the game at night. They can also play indoors if they have the space to run and hide.

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