It’s a bird! It’s a plane? No, wait, it really is a bird! Well, it’s a toy bird that really flies!

Go Go Bird from Zing is a colorful, remote-controlled bird designed for kids ages 8 and up. While this toy could take a very short trip inside, it isn’t recommended — Go Go Bird really soars when kids fly it outside.

The bird features a cage-like body made of slightly harder plastic, with wings and a tail made of paper-thin plastic sheets. While you may worry that the bird won’t be sturdy enough to survive crash landings, don’t! The light material is exactly what makes the bird able to fly. Plus, its soft-tipped nose and flexible materials help keep the bird intact, even when it takes a bit of a dive. However, it is important to handle and store the bird with care.

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When you first open up Go Go Bird, it’s important to read all of the instructions so that kids can get the best flying experience. For example, there are two ways to make the bird fly: using the somatosensory switch (triggering its wings by holding the bird and dropping your arm) or by using a stop/start button on the included remote control. Personally, I preferred the remote control method, because it gave me a stronger sense of control and accuracy.

If using the remote, kids can even further customize the flight experience by choosing either manual flight mode (indicated by a blue light on the remote) or an obstacle avoidance mode (indicated by a green light). Kids can toggle between the two by pressing the power button.

Especially when starting out with their Go Go Bird experience, I would recommend the obstacle avoidance mode. Based on my experience flying Go Go Bird, it takes some practice (and some trial and error) to get the hang of flight. Generally, the longer Go Go Bird is able to stay in flight, the higher it will go and the more stable the flight becomes. The obstacle avoidance mode uses a sensor in the bird’s head to see upcoming obstacles — like a tree or the house — and automatically turns before impact. That is a big help if you’re in an area with a lot of trees, houses, etc.

Once kids get the hang of launching Go Go Bird and getting it to fly high, there is a lot of play value to discover. They can use the remote control to change how fast or slow the bird flies, the direction of flight, and even to make the bird perform preprogrammed flight patterns, such as a circle or a figure eight. Generally, the more open space the toy has to move in, the better the flight will go — It’s great for a trip to the park! If kids do end up flying Go Go Bird in an area with some potential obstacles, they can still have a great time. They will just want to keep the bird in the correct flying mode and keep a close eye on where it’s headed — if Go Go Bird is getting too close to some tree branches, hit the trigger on the remote to immediately stop the wings flapping.

Go Go Bird also features some thoughtful touches that make the play experience even better. For example, there is a screwdriver included that is the perfect size for both the remote control and a switch on the bird’s tail that keeps the battery in place. Speaking of batteries, the bird comes with two of them! I thought this was an excellent touch because it eliminates one of the most frustrating aspects of rechargeable toys — waiting for the battery to charge. With Go Go Bird, kids can put one battery in an outlet to charge while they play, then keep swapping them whenever the toy runs out of power. Finally, Go Go Bird comes with a clear plastic stand that is perfect for storing the toy between flights.

Available in both green and red versions, this high-flying toy is sure to be a hit with kids and adult onlookers alike!

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Madeleine Buckley

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