Go! Go! Cory Carson Two Scoops Eileen Ice Cream Truck | Source: VTech

Cory Carson is the perfect role-model to help kids navigate the winding roads of childhood — he is a car, after all.

VTech is releasing even more imaginative Go! Go! Cory Carson toys to go along with the animated preschool series that stars kid car Cory Carson, his family, and his friends as they go on adventures through Bumperton Hills.

The Go! Go! Cory Carson Two Scoops Eileen Ice Cream Truck is based on a character straight from the series. Kids can press Eileen’s light-up windshield button to make her talk and watch her cone and face light up as she plays sound effects and songs from the show. The set comes with special-edition mini-Cory and mini-Chrissy PlayZone characters.

Go! Go! Cory Carson The Carson Playhouse | Source: VTech

The Go! Go! Cory Carson The Carson Playhouse is a playset full of activities. Kids can press the mailbox to flip open the garage door, launch the characters into the tire swing, play on the seesaw, and activate the PlayZone location in front of the garage front door to hear each character say different phrases. The set includes special-edition mini-PlayZone characters Cory and Chrissy.

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The Go! Go! Cory Carson Fire Rescue Cory is a toy vehicle that plays music and sound effects when kids roll it around or press the light-up windshield button. Kids can also place the fire hose on Cory’s back to hear him talk about firefighter training.

Designed for kids ages 2 and up, all of these toys are in stores now.

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