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Kids can’t get enough of fidget toys, and now parents can get in on the obsession!

Go Pop! Presto from Foxmind is a party game revolving around the fun of fidgets. Recommended for kids ages 6 and up, the game requires players to compete in high-speed popping challenges. Go Pop! Presto comes with four bubble poppers (purple, orange, yellow, and green), 50 Presto cards, and a Bubblo. 

Go Pop! Presto instructions | Source: Foxmind

2-4 players can compete to be the fastest popper. To begin, each player is given their own double-sided bubble popper. Players will then need to shuffle the Presto cards and place them in between all players. Players should also place Bubblo, a colorful and squishy character, in the middle, within arm’s reach. 

Players will then take turns flipping over a Presto card detailing a specific popping challenge. There are four types of Presto cards, each with their own instructions. Finger cards require players to use the indicated finger to pop their entire bubble popper on one side, pattern cards illustrate a popping pattern that players must replicate, number cards indicate the number of bubbles that need to be popped, and POP cards require players to pop every single bubble on both sides of the popper. There is a catch: Players can only use one finger on one hand to pop their bubbles! 

Go Pop! Presto fun with a finger card | Source: Foxmind

The first player to complete the Presto challenge must tap Bubblo to win the round. But beware: players who tap Bubblo and have not correctly completed the challenge will lose one Presto card. Once a player has won six cards, they win the whole game! 

Parents will appreciate that Go! Presto challenges improve developmental skills, too. Finger cards improve hand-eye coordination, pattern cards encourage pattern recognition and observation skills, number cards improve counting skills, and POP cards require quick reflexes. 

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Even outside of the game, kids can play with Bubblo and the bubble poppers like any other fidget toys for additional motor skill development and to relieve stress. There are also not a ton of pieces, so kids can potentially play this game on long car or plane rides when traveling this summer.

Families can add fidgeting fun to their game night for only $24.99.

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