Goal: $8,000
Funding Period: Until July 30
Creator: Briana Gardell

ImageThis summer’s heat could mean a splash a color can cool you down! Toy inventor Briana Gardell is putting a spin on traditional water balloons with Goblies, a hand thrown paintball. A fun activity for kids of all ages, Goblies are painless and are filled with a colorful wet powder that is non-sticky when dried.

Families can whip up a batch of Goblies in their kitchen. Since the recipe is non-toxic, the ingredients are similar to those found in kid-friendly favorites, such as pizza or ice cream.

While eating a Goblie is not recommended when you’re in a splatter battle with a niece or nephew, the product is safe for the environment. Unlike their latex counterpart, water balloons, the Goblies are biodegradable and are as natural as a leaf or a banana.

imageTo make Goblies, use the pre-packaged kit and add distilled water to the mixture. Then, you get to create your own unique color, and lastly, you put your creation in the freezer to watch 100 squishy balls come to life!

Parents can teach little ones chemistry outside the classroom with Goblies. Parents and teachers alike have used the kit for team building, photo shoots, gender reveal parties, birthday parties and much more.

Kickstarter pledges range from $1 to $80 and prizes include free shipping with various customizable kits, reusable molds, ingredients, and a Goblie thrown at the founder in your honor! Click here description to support Goblies!

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Tatyana Bellamy-Walker

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