Kipod Toys’ Grafitape lets kids “draw” on the walls. | Source: Kidpod Toys

Get ready to draw on the walls … no, seriously. 

Parents, don’t worry: Your walls will remain white and mess-free because with Grafitape from Kipod Toys, drawing comes in the form of removable tape. That’s right, Grafitape uses a projection system to cast an image on the wall that kids will then trace with the included tape. It’s magic! 

Intended for kids ages 5 and up, Grafitape is an easy-to-use and mess-free way to get creative indoors. Parents will have to help with the set-up as the product requires three AAA batteries. The kit comes with a flashlight, a wooden projector box, five templates, five rolls of tape (in black, orange, red, and blue), an erasable marker, and a clear slide. Once the batteries are in, it’s easy to get started. 

Grafitape projects an image on the wall that kids then “draw” with tape. | Source: Grafitape

Although kids can “draw” whatever image they want, Grafitape comes with five pages of templates to get them started, including outlines of animals, paper airplanes, trucks, robots, and trees. Little artists can pick their image and then trace the design onto the included translucent slide with the erasable marker. Once that’s done, simply ease the slide into the labeled slot on the projector, dim the lights, and press the “on” button at the back of the projector. Kids will be entranced as the projector casts the image on any wall! 

The last part is incredibly simple. Using the included tape, little ones will trace that same image they picked out directly onto the wall. It only takes a few minutes! And when playtime is over, the tape easily peels off the wall (and doesn’t take any paint off!) so kids can play again and again. 

One of the best things about this product is that it encourages endless creativity. The kit comes with templates but kids can really draw anything they want, including an all-over, wallpaper-style design. And although it’s intended for younger kids, as an adult I had a lot of fun creating and recreating designs all over my apartment. This is a toy that parents and kids will love to play with together. 

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Although Grafitape is on the expensive side at $46, its play value pays for itself. Kids will keep returning to the projector to create new designs. With so many different ways to craft, what will kids design first? 

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