Groove may be in the heart, but it’s also about to be part of playtime!

The latest, colorful addition to the Wubble brand from NSI International is the Groovy Glow Wubble. This indoor-outdoor toy, designed for kids ages 6 and up, has a simple premise but plenty of play potential.

For those who have never heard of Wubbles, they are inflatable balls that are basically a balloon, bubble, bouncy ball hybrid. Once inflated, the Wubble is about 30 inches wide and is very pliable, yet strong. Kids can toss them, sit or lay on them, kick them, throw them, and more. It’s something you have to see to fully understand — check out the Wubble ball in action in the video below! (Just to be clear, this video features a variety of Wubble styles, but the Groovy Glow Wubble features the same stretch and bounce play!)

As you can see, there have been many versions of the Wubble available over the years, but the latest iteration has a few new features to make it stand out. To start, the Groovy Glow Wubble is super colorful like the Groovy Wubble before it, with a tie-dye-like pattern all over. However, the pattern has a special ability: It also glows in the dark! This feature makes the Groovy Glow Wubble a great option for late summer and fall outdoor play. Not only does the toy encourage physical activity, which is sure to get kids warmed up, but the glow also adds a safety element and extended play time for earlier nightfall. Just note that the ball needs about 10 minutes of sunlight to “charge” the glow-in-the-dark element.

The Groovy Glow Wubble is also very easy to inflate. The ball features a self-sealing valve and comes with a plastic nozzle that you insert into the valve, then blow into to inflate the Wubble. The self-sealing valve is also compatible with an electric air pump. I blew up one Wubble manually and one with a pump when testing this. The manual process was definitely doable, and it works well if you don’t have a pump on hand. But if you have a pump handy, I highly recommend using it! Overall, the inflation process is very quick, which means playtime can start with minimal planning or setup. The one thing I’ll note is that the valve is very deep, to provide the self-sealing ability. Be sure the air valve or pump is all the way in actually blowing air into the Wubble before you start.

Once the Groovy Glow Wubble is in action, the possibilities feel truly endless. The toy has such an interesting makeup and is visually interesting, which makes it appeal to all ages. I took the Wubble to a family gathering where a cohort of kids ages 6-13 played with it together for hours!

While the Wubble can withstand a lot of weight, it is worth noting that this is an inflatable toy, and it can pop. The set does include a stick-on patch to help remedy this situation, but kids should still be aware and not play too aggressively with the Wubble.

The Groovy Glow Wubble is available in a two-pack for $19.99, which I think is a great value for what’s inside! The Groovy Glow Wubble encourages physical activity, is ideal for groups with kids of many ages, and is easy to set up. Let’s get grooving!


It looks like a bubble and plays like a ball, now it goes “boing” when it bounces. The ball wobbles, morphs, and floats through the air like a bubble. Comes in a funkadelic tie-dye design that glows in the dark as it wobbles, morphs, and floats through the air like a bubble. The Groovy Glow…

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $9.99-$24.99
  • Age:
  • 6+

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