The Beach Bounce Inflatable Water Park can fit up to five kids. | Source: Bestway

Now that school’s out and temperatures are at their highest, kids are itching for relief from the heat with water play. Whether you’re looking to host a party or cool your kid down for an hour, the H2OGO! Beach Bounce Inflatable Water Park from Bestway creates a fun experience right in the yard for kids ages 3 and up. Don’t be fooled — this isn’t your regular, run-of-the-mill kiddie pool. This water park is built with a small bounce house, a slide, a sprinkler, and a pool fit to handle up to five kids splashing around at once.

Setting up anything this size will always be an undertaking, so the adults should be prepared for a bit of prep. When I set up the water part (with the help of my dad, who has the experience of raising three kids under his belt) everything was properly laid out and ready to be inflated in about 20 minutes. As advertised, once we unrolled the water park, the included fan inflated the entire contraption in less than two minutes. This bouncy set is designed to run as long as the fan is still attached, so once the day is over, just turn off the power to make it deflate. Once the tower was standing tall, we nailed the included stakes into the ground in case any wind swept through our town.

I quickly realized a problem my dad and I hadn’t taken into account during construction: We set up the bouncy park on a slight slope, which made the water collect in the lower area. So, if you’re looking for an evenly spread-out pool experience… don’t do what I did. Look for the flattest surface on the yard and set it up there.

Kids can jump through the attachable sprinkler. | Source: Bestway

There is also an optional sprinkler set included with this summer oasis. The pool section has a jutted-out corner covered in a flap to reveal velcro. Once the sprinkler piece is attached, all adults need to do is screw a hose into the attached plastic nozzle to make it rain. Once my 4-year-old tester came over, it was time to set up that sprinkler and start the water play! The sprinkler surprisingly shot up feet into the sky with a lot of force. The kid had so much fun jumping through it. My accidental slope ended up coming in handy, as it created a “shallow” and “deep” end of the pool. The size of the bouncy park was perfect for kids his age, as he was able to slide around with ease and hop on the bouncer before jumping back in. As expected, he slipped and fell a few times, but the inflatable material cushioned his fall.

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Once playtime was over and the screams of, “It’s cold!!” died down, my little helper left and I was tasked with draining the water. I simply turned off the fan and waited for it to deflate. A small water tsunami ran over the yard, so don’t set this up by any gardens or plants that could get run over.

The water park comes with a storage bag so that everything can fold up neatly once playtime is over. Overall, this water park provides tons of energetic fun for young kids. It’s a great place to hang out, cool down, and burn off some energy.

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