H2OGO! Sponge Soakers Triple Slide | Source: Bestway

Summer’s here, which means it’s time to find ways to have fun and keep kids active while beating the heat. And if you’re looking to bring the fun of a water park to your backyard, the H2OGO! Sponge Soakers Triple Slide by Bestway is a great option.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this 16-foot water slide — as the name suggests — features three lanes for kids to slide down. Those lanes are kept slick by a cascade of water sprinklers that run down each side of the slide and end in a small splash-pool area where water collects.

While all of this is pretty standard water slide fare, it’s just the start for the Sponge Soakers slide. The set also comes with three inflatable “surf riders,” which are kind of like boogie boards. They have handles that kids can grip as they use the riders to slide down the lanes.

In addition to the surf riders, the set includes 12 “sponge soakers,” which are squishy, star-shaped sponges that come in three colors (matching the colors of the three lanes and the three surf riders). These 12 sponges can go in the pool area at the end of the lanes to further enhance the splash experience!

Kids have a water fight in the sprinklers. | Source: Bestway

But that still isn’t all: The slide also has two sprinkler strips jutting out from one side, creating a separate, water-filled area to run through and use as the scene for an epic water battle. Kids can take the sponge soakers out of the splash zone and repurpose them as safe projectiles in a water fight. The sponges hold water well, are soft enough that they won’t hurt on impact, and offer a reusable alternative to water balloons. The inflatable surf riders can even be part of the action, doubling as shields to block any incoming sponge soakers.

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Setting up the triple-lane slide is pretty simple and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes, and the most important part is ensuring that the slide is set up on even ground without any potential obstructions (like rocks or roots).

It’s also worth noting that all of this summer fun comes with an affordable pricetag: $24.99! It’s a great way to beat the heat without breaking the bank, especially if you are keeping multiple kids entertained this summer.

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