There can never be enough hairspray and neon is always in.

These seem to be the rules that three new series of Hairdorables dolls live by and we are loving it. Just Play continues to bring kids big hair they definitely care about with toys that offer some of the shiniest, brightest locks yet and fashionable outfits to go with.

All three of the newest collections feature the rainbow-infused looks they are known for and add in even more gorgeous elements to their stylish ways. One focuses on getting creative, one goes full-fashion with glamourous gowns, and one features the longest. hair. ever. It’s easy to say that they’re not a hair short of anything.

With the Hairdorables Hair Art Series, kids can get creative by customizing their dolls’ looks by using a barret that features hair extensions with a printed pattern. There are 26 dolls total, which means kids have the chance to discover one of their favorite girls like Noah or a brand-new character. The rarest of them all is Kat Mascot, and I hear she’s purrfect. Each doll features fun themes like Masquerade Through Time or After School Fun. On-the-go fashionistas can keep them safe any time and anywhere with the included reusable carrying case.

Many proms may have been postponed this year, but true fashion can never be canceled. The Hairdorables Hairmazing Prom Perfect Fashion Dolls feature glamorous dresses to go with their neon locks. Each of the 10.5-inch dolls is ready to hit the dance floor with her own personal style. Lucky for them, the dance floor is right there. Kids can unfold the box to bring out the prom-themed backdrop. You just need to add the tunes and it’s a full-blown party!

And finally, the newest series of Hairdorables dolls — like everyone during quarantine — have not had a haircut in a while. But unlike us, these girls are looking more beautiful than ever. The Hairdorables Longest Hair Ever! dolls feature 10-inch-long hair which is bigger and brighter than any other Hairdorables doll. Kids can style their doll’s hair with the seven accessories hidden inside each hairspray-shaped package.

Clearly, every day is a good hair day when you’re this hairdorable.

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Nicole Savas

Nicole Savas

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