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Everyone knows Tetris. It’s the game in which players must fit shapes together to complete and eliminate rows. And who doesn’t love Hasbro’s Bop It!? My first Bop It! only had “Twist it!” and “Pull It!” (besides “Bop It!,” of course), and it was addictive. Later, Bop It! XT added two more tasks: “Flick It!” and “Spin It!.” Now there is Bop It! Tetris.

Bop It! Tetris combines the classic shape-fitting game with the speed and action of Bop It! with two games in one handset: Marathon, for solo players, or Pass It, for multiple players. Players ages 8 and up must slide, spin, and rotate the shapes and then slam them into place before time runs out. As players beat levels, they unlock more—four total, plus bonus and challenge rounds.

I think Bop It! Tetris is a clever addition to the Bop It! family. At first, I was skeptical that the 2×2 square fitting into the 2×8 row below could provide a captivating enough experience to hold my interest. However, I was quickly immersed in the game, rotating, spinning, and sliding away to the beat. This is a great game for kids as well as adults—one that I could see myself busting out with friends on a low-key night in. I can’t wait to see what form Bop It! takes on next.

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Christine Duhaime

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