NERF Strike Roblox Gameplay | Source: Hasbro

The NERF rave on Roblox continues with a new, first-person blaster game in NERF Strike!

Roblox is upping the ante on its action category with 24-person, free-for-all NERF blaster battles. Players can compete using digital recreations of real-life NERF blasters in whimsical play arenas ranging from space stations to medieval markets.

NERF Strike’s other awesome features include eight customizable NERF blasters. Players can also choose special abilities to accessorize their blasters before each match, including dart-blasting turrets, dart-throwing devices, and more. Players can upgrade their blasters and unlock new abilities based on their experience level, as well as buy skins and specialty darts to enhance gameplay goodness.

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Three maps and two game modes — 12 versus 12 and 24 free-for-all — are all available with the NERF Strike experience. Challenging obstacles like swinging bridges, opening and closing doors, and jump pads help ramp up the Roblox fun.

Hasbro also recently launched a collection of more than five real-life NERF Roblox blasters for young fans to enjoy, including the Adopt Me! Bees! blaster and the Mad City: Plasma Ray blaster. These NERF products come with virtual codes for kids to redeem on Roblox for in-game rewards and character customization. Hasbro is also offering a Monopoly: Roblox 2022 Edition board game for kids to buy, sell, and trade their favorite Roblox experiences on the tabletop.

NERF Strike is available to play now on Roblox. New blasters and game modes will roll out with frequent updates.

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