Sometimes all a kid needs to travel the world is a little bit of magic and a handful of glitter.

Hatchimals Pixie Vacay from Spin Master offers kids the chance to discover new cities without leaving their homes. The magic and the glitter come with collectible mini-dolls called Pixies (Don’t worry, parents: Their glittery hair doesn’t make a mess.). Kids discover one of five dolls in a big, pink suitcase before hatching its accessories from two smaller suitcases.

Accessories include selfie sticks, purses, and different travel must-haves. There’s also a one in 10 chance of finding a colorful stowaway puppy that matches the doll it comes with. Kids hatch them by pushing into the suitcases to break the fragile plastic. Clean up is easy because of their tiny size!

Each bright doll can take flight without even grabbing their passport because of their soft, fluttery wings. They pose for the ultimate selfie with a turnable head and moveable arms. 

The neon dolls each have their own individual shining personalities and are dressed to impress when they land. Wishing Willow is ready to ski in Aspen, Glittering Gracie can’t wait to tour Tokyo and the other dolls are destined for Paris, London, and Maui. Check out the fashion icons below.

The journey continues when kids can decorate the bigger suitcase with stickers designed towards the five destinations of the dolls — and that’s still just the beginning! As with most Hatchimals, the toy takes all the fun of surprise and turns it into something that can be played with for a long time.

The Pixies can fly into a world of possibilities with the help of a kid’s imagination. The surprises just keep coming, but the only thing that’s not one — traveling is fabulous.

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Nicole Savas

Nicole Savas

As a kid, Nicole either wanted to be a professional toy player-wither or a writer. Somehow, as social media editor for The Toy Insider, The Toy Book, and The Pop Insider, she’s found a career as both. She's grateful to work somewhere that she can fully embrace both her love of teddy bears and her admiration for the Oxford comma. When she's not playing with toys at work, she's playing with her baby girl at home.