If you haven’t met Llalacorn, the newest species of the Hatchimals family yet, get ready to be wowed. Spin Master’s newest take on Hatchimals is called Hatchimals Wow, and it’s more impressive than ever.

The egg itself is humungous, so kids ages 5 and up will get pumped before they even hatch their new friend. It only takes 5 minutes to hatch, too; so it doesn’t require a lot of waiting around. Kids can tap and tilt the egg in different directions to wake up the Hatchimal. Even before it leaves the egg, kids can still interact with it according to its changing eye color (which shines through the plastic eggshell). Different colors mean different things, similar to a mood ring. And this Hatchimal has plenty of mood swings (#relatable)! For example, if the Hatchimal feels playful (yellow eyes), kids can tilt the egg backward and right side up repeatedly until it gets dizzy (green eyes). If it feels cuddly (pink eyes), kids need to tilt it backward and hold it there to cuddle.

When kids see the eyes turn rainbow, that means it’s hatching time! The Hatchimal will grow taller until it pushes the top of the egg off as it sings “Hatchy Birthday,” the bop of a generation. Instead of cracking through the shell like the older versions, the Hatchimals Wow egg splits in two so that kids can reuse it — it’s the first re-hatchable Hatchimal!

The big reveal is the new Hatchimal’s species: It’s a Llalacorn! Half llama, and half unicorn, this Hatchimal has purple-and-pink fur, a snout like a llama instead of the usual beak, a unicorn horn, plastic wings, and the signature glittering eyes. The best part is that the Llalacorn is incredibly tall — it can grow up to 32 inches long when it extends its neck all the way.

There are lots of ways that kids can make the Llalacorn grow tall: tickle its belly, tap its toes, or make it chase its fruit toy by holding the included glitter-filled berry against the Llalacorn’s forehead or belly. Kids shouldn’t push the Hatchimal down or pull it up though. Let it grow or shrink on its own to avoid breaking it.

There are also so many things that this interactive pet can do, including sing, dance, sneeze, hiccup, play peek-a-boo, and more. Kids can even record their voice using the Llalacorn and play it back at different pitches.

The Llalacorn’s eye color will continue to change after it hatches, so kids can continue to interact with it based on its mood. For example, if the Llalacorn is sleepy (white eyes), kids can play the “Top Tap” game to wake it up. If it’s excited (orange eyes), kids can hypnotize it to calm it down. 

When kids are ready for another hatch, they can put the Llalacorn back inside the egg for another round of “Hatchy Birthday!” The Llalacorn can make more than 250 sounds and reactions, so kids can discover more surprises every time they play.

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