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Many households are becoming more concerned with sustainability and doing their part to take care of the environment, but how do toys fit into that equation? Headstart is launching a new line of sustainable toys called Recyclings, and the name says it all.

Each of these collectible toys are made from 70% recycled plastic, stopping five bottle caps from going into landfills. There are more than 90 tiny, collectible Recyclings characters that come in different forms, including hot dogs, handbags, pineapples, popcorn, pandas, dumplings, dragons, and more. They are available in Single Packs for $2.99, Four-Packs for $9.99, and Collector Packs for $19.99.

There are more than 90 Recyclings to collect. | Source: Headstart

The figures have different rarities, including a limited-edition glittery shooting star and a limited-edition glowing ghost. The Recyclings Collector Pack comes with nine Recyclings figurines, a collector case made from 100% recycled plastic (saving 150 bottle caps from landfills), and a collector sheet. The collectibles also double as pencil-toppers.

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Kids can also check out the Recyclings Run app, available now on Apple and Android, to explore five virtual worlds, meet more than 30 Recyclings friends, and play games. Players can stop virtual plastic bottle caps from going into landfills by collecting them and recycling them into new Recyclings characters, earn gems to unlock new skins, and dress up the Recyclings characters in digital outfits.

Give bottle caps a second change at life with Recyclings, coming soon to Walmart.

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