Heist, from University Games, is perfect for a family with some members who don’t handle losing very well. As that member, I say it’s the perfect game. It turns teamwork into an experience that could yield millions — well, you know, *pretend* millions.

Two to four players are each assigned a different role: hacker, lookout, money man, or explosives expert. The game becomes more challenging the more roles that are filled. To be assigned a role, each player presses the button closest to them on the cube. After that, the game master (a voice from the cube) will announce the levels. For a more challenging level, press any button until it gets to five. If you’re happy starting from the bottom, just wait until the game master’s next move.

Once your level is chosen, it’s time for the game to begin. Be sure to keep a note of which tools are in front of you because the game revolves around passing them back and forth. The game master might ask you to use the tool; to do that, you have to press the button that corresponds with your role. If the game master tells you to use a tool and you are too late or not the person who was supposed to go, then your team has made a mistake. Too many mistakes won’t send you to jail, but an alarm will go off and your team will lose. On the other hand, avoid all mistakes and the top of the cube will pop up to reveal gold. Your team has won!

Helpful hint: When the game heats up (and it will), players should make an effort to not press their buttons too forcefully or press on the top of the cube. Both actions could cause the cube to work improperly. 

Heist really challenges people to work together as they all keep an eye on the tools as they pass back and forth. If one person makes a mistake, the rest of the team members can help them correct it. The game is also a great way to improve hand-eye coordination and physical awareness. Kids need to know where the tools are and remember their role.

Families will love stealing millions together from the comfort of their living room. Whether you get the gold or not — everybody leaves a winner.

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Nicole Savas

Nicole Savas

As a kid, Nicole either wanted to be a professional toy player-wither or a writer. Somehow, as social media editor for The Toy Insider, The Toy Book, and The Pop Insider, she’s found a career as both. She's grateful to work somewhere that she can fully embrace both her love of teddy bears and her admiration for the Oxford comma. When she's not playing with toys at work, she's playing with her baby girl at home.