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All bodies are beautiful, and authors Katie Crenshaw and Ady Meschke aim to illustrate that in their new picture book, Her Body Can.

Her Body Can, available now from East 26th Publishing, celebrates body positivity with charming, poetic declarations of self-love. Through the story’s messaging, readers will learn that their bodies can do anything and that their worth is based on how much they love themselves. Crenshaw and Meschke use rhyming, sing-song phrases to deliver these powerful messages, alongside artist Li Liu’s whimsical illustrations.

“We believe, in the depths of our souls, that all bodies are inherently good, capable and miraculous,” the authors said in a note to their readers. “As former little girls turned women, we are all too familiar with the limits society tries to set for us and what our culture expects a girl to look like, act like, and be like … Your body’s most important job is to carry you—an irreplaceable human being— through your life’s journey. As you grow and experience life, it is important that you love your body and yourself with the entirety of your heart. It is our sincere hope that young girls who read this book absorb these concepts so they don’t have to work reverse self-judgment as adults.”

This book is chock full of inspirational tidbits that we all could stand to hear more often.

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Miranda Siwak

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