Kids can mold animals and other objects out of squishy clay with these sets! | Source: Hey Clay/The Toy Insider

What do aliens and poop have in common? Hey Clay is making sure kids can make clay figures of both!

Kids can mold figures featuring all sorts of different themes with these new Hey Clay sets, using soft and nontoxic air-dry clay for fast figure-making! For each set, kids can use the app for step-by-step, visual instructions that will help them build each figure. Then the clay will dry and harden after kids leave it out for 24 hours so kids can play with their creations the next day.

The Hey Clay — Animals set features enough clay to make six animal characters. Kids can first make their favorite between a pig, a horse, a cow, a dog, a sheep, or a rabbit. The set comes with 15 cans of clay in all different colors and two sculpting tools to assist any little artists. If a kid can’t get enough animals, the Forest Animals set features enough clay to make six more animals: a wolf, a fox, a squirrel, a bear, a deer, and a hog.

For some under-the-sea fun, the Ocean Creatures set includes clay to create six ocean critters. Kids can make an octopus, a shark, an eel, a discus fish, a clownfish, and a stingray. Get a blast from the past with the Dinos set that has materials to make the coolest dinosaurs, with a Stegosaurus, a T. rex, a Brachiosaurus, a Pachycephalosaurus, a Triceratops, and a Pterodactyl. Finally, kids can even make exciting fictional critters with the Aliens set, which has enough clay to make six different colorful alien friends.

Leaving behind the world of little critters, car fan kids can also get in on the fun. The Eco Cars set includes clay to make three cars that kids can race around after they dry. The Poops Oops set centers bodily products, with Pee Pee, Poopz, Earwax, Lucky Fart, Snot, Sweat, Furfur, Puke, and Tear — all fun and slightly gross characters that are sure to get kids laughing.

The sets are recommended for kids ages 3 and up. For even more interaction, the Hey Clay app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, and will take kids into the world of clay sculpting. Starting with simple balls and ending with full clay models from the sets, kids can follow along with the 3D interactive instructions, guaranteeing less confusion when they try to make their favorite figure. 

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These new Hey Clay sets are available now on the Fat Brain Toys website. If these sets aren’t enough clay content, there are even more Hey Clay sets to browse, including the Claymates set that features enough clay to make a single character, from a Caterpillar to the green and adorable Mr. Pi. Kids can grab their favorite and get to sculpting, inspiring a new passion in a cool craft!

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