There are four Hip Hopper styles to choose from, including a dinosaur or a pink unicorn, shown above. | Source: Flybar/the Toy Insider

Kids’ new favorite modes of transportation are about to be dinosaurs and unicorns.

Hip Hoppers are one of Flybar‘s latest inflatable creations. Made for kids ages 5 and up, these large bouncers inflate to nearly 4 feet long to guarantee the ultimate hoppin’ fun during playtime. Kids can choose from four different styles: bull, dinosaur, and pink or purple unicorn.

Each Hip Hopper is bursting with bright colors based on the animal (or mythical creature) it depicts. They have a cute, animated design and feature additional inflatable elements like the unicorn’s horn, dinosaur’s spike, or bull’s horns. There are two separate sections to inflate — the head and the body — and I recommend using a pump just out of ease. Each heavy-duty bouncer is made from durable materials and comes with a nylon slip cover with an easy-grip handle attached, providing extra protection and something kids can hold onto while bouncing.

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We all know people like this in our lives: This is the type of product that adults in the room will grow curious of and want to try once they see kids playing with them. The good news to all of the kidults out there is that these Hip Hoppers support up to 250 pounds, so most adults can get in on the fun. Hip Hoppers inflate to a colossal 46-by-33-inch size, making them super versatile in addition to the amount of play possibilities they provide.

These inflatables are ready for play all year long. Kids can use them to bounce anywhere — including inside the house or outside in the backyard — and are perfect to play with during gatherings, parties, or summer cookouts. To get even more creative, kids can race each other, joust, or even use it to toss around for a next-level game of catch. And, of course, all of these activities provide lots of opportunities for active play. Since the bouncers will always stand upright on their own, I can see kids using this as a seat in the playroom or their bedrooms.

No matter what the occasion, everyone can get in on the super bouncing action. Hip Hoppers are giant fun right out of the box to bounce, play, and race!

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