Calling all mad scientists: grab your lab coats and protective goggles and get ready for a popping, sliming good time.

With OOZ-O’s, a new line of slimy science kits from Horizon Group, kids can make their own slime-filled orbs for a gooey day of play. A twist on the DIY slime-making trend, each OOZ-O’s kit makes 12 perfectly round 3-D slimy spheres, filled with more ooey, gooey slime inside. The colorful and glittery slime kit introduces kids to basic chemistry while expressing their creativity.

Once kids make their OOZ-O’s orbs, the real fun happens: Give them a squeeze and watch them ooze a gooey, oddly satisfying stream of slime. Every box, which comes in a variety of themes (including unicorn, mermaid, galaxy, and monster) can make up to 12 plump slime balls primed for popping, oozing fun.

OOZ-O’S comes equipped with everything kids need to make their slime-filled goo balls, including the OOZ-O’s Maker, paint and glitter to decorate, mixing tools, sodium alginate and calcium chloride to activate the slimy concoctions, and a set of detailed step-by-step instructions to walk you through the slime-making process.

The process is simple: Mix up the base—which will take an hour to set—add colored paint and glitter (optional… but is it really?), make the activator, dip the Maker tool into the activator, fill the Maker tool with the base mixture, drop it into the activator, wait 15 seconds, and there you have it! Your very own baby OOZ-O ready to be popped.


The longer the slime sphere is left in the activator solution, the harder each slime ball will get. If you leave slime in longer than 15 seconds, it becomes really hard and makes a successful popping and squeezing more difficult, but it’s still possible to ooze for more slimy, gooey fun. When coloring your OOZ-O’s make sure to use about four drops of color to get a really bright effect. 

Once each slime ball is ready to be removed from the solution, it’s time to get popping! Pop or squeeze your small, round slime and watch the center slime ooze out for a messy, glittery time. Once it’s popped, add the dripping ooze back into activator to make smaller spheres. Then, repeat! You know what they say: Slime, reuse, recycle.

Each OOZ-O’s takes about a minute to make, so this is a really quick and easy DIY activity kids will love. While there are dozens of slime kits to choose from, OOZ-O’s is unique thanks to the popping play pattern. And at just $5 a box, this is a great option for families who can’t get enough slimy fun.

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Miranda Siwak

Miranda Siwak

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