We’ve seen droids, drones, and incredibly lifelike dolls this year. But if you’re looking to unplug kids’ play and inspire some imaginative action, we have a toy that will keep kids busy for hours.

The Hot Wheels 3D Pop-Up Playmat, by TCG, is a toy both parents and little racers will enjoy. It prompts kids to create their own pretend adventures, as they race their toy cars across the soft, foam-backed mat. Kids will love the 3-D elements incorporated into the mat—such as the ramp, tires and the billboard. Young drivers can grab some fuel at the burger place depicted on the mat, fill their cars up with gas at the gas station, and head over to the lake to watch the sailboat. Kids will feel like a giant overseeing their own little city as they tower over the pop-figures and building.

The pop-up building, which serves as an indoor race track, is the focal point of the Pop-Up Mat. While other pop-up accessories are able to be moved, the building is permanently stationed in its spot as it stands up straight through snap-on buttons. It can serve as a storage space for Hot Wheel Cars when not in use.

Best of all—and here’s the part you’ll LOVE—when playtime is over, there is absolutely no mess! Just remove the felt pop-up pieces from the mat and fold it up until the next time! It’s part of TCG’s new Tidy Town line of compact, multi-purpose storage and play products. It’s also an easy toy to travel with if kids want to bring it to their friend’s house for a race sesh.

The mat, which measures 44.75 by 44.75 by 19 inches can comfortably fit one to three racers. It’s soft enough for kids to crawl on, even when placed on the hardest of surfaces. Think of it as a fun interactive map depicting a city with roads and buildings to which kids travel.

Now if you’re discouraged from buying the playmat because your child doesn’t have any Hot Wheels cars—don’t fret. We found that any toy vehicle (or really just any toy) plays well on the cityscape. Get creative with who rides into town! This is a playmat where the only prerequisite is an imagination.

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Kelly Corbett

Kelly Corbett

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