The game set includes the Chameleon RC car, four Rift Gates for track building, and a charging cable. | Source: Velan Studios

It’s time for the ultimate racing adventure!

Hot Wheels Rift Rally is an epic mixed-reality racing video game released by Mattel and Velan Studios. Gear up for an adventure like no other, as Hot Wheels Rift Rally uses Velan’s R/C mixed-reality technology to blend digital and real-world environments in players’ homes. That means kids can create their own Hot Wheels racing tracks inside their living rooms! 

Kids can turn their living room into a track with this mixed-reality video game. | Source: Velan Studios

In the game, players can choose to get behind the wheel of some iconic Hot Wheels cars using the Chameleon car, which can transform into more than 140 different cars, including fan-favorites like Twin Mill, Bone Shaker, Mach Speeder, and more. 

Players can choose from more than 140 iconic Hot Wheels cars to race and complete challenges with. | Source: Velan Studios

Players begin the game by choosing from two unique game modes: Campaign Mode or Stunt Mode. In Campaign Mode, players can create a mixed-reality track and complete challenges and races. In Stunt Mode, players will stunt the Chameleon R/C by completing drifts, wheelies, and burnouts to hit high scores and earn rewards. 

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There are endless ways to play Hot Wheels Rift Rally, from the unique ability to customize the look and performance of the car to all the mini games, puzzles, and challenges. Kids can play solo or multiplayer.

Hot Wheels Rift Rally is available on the App Store, Sony PlayStation 4, and Sony PlayStation 5. Hot Wheels Rift Rally Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition are available now for $129.99 and $149.99 respectively.

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