House Monsters | Source: Luki Lab/the Toy Insider

Who’s that monster hiding underneath your bed? And the one that’s always stealing your socks from the washing machine?

Luki Lab’s House Monsters are officially creeping their way into stores just in time for Halloween! These friendly, plush monsters are the culprits behind all of the mischief going on in your home, designed to help kids overcome their fear of things that go bump in the night by showing them that the “monsters” hiding in the shadows aren’t as scary as they seem.

There are six different House Monsters characters, each packaged in its own play-and-display habitat that depicts where it lives in your house, whether that be lurking in the attic, making a home in the back of your closet, or hiding inside your refrigerator. Each character comes with its own identification collector card featuring the character’s picture and bio — and this first wave includes a “First Edition” label.

House Monsters | Source: Luki Lab

Now, let’s meet the Monsters!

Munchy is the fridge monster with a monstrous appetite! He is the one responsible for everything that mysteriously disappears from your kitchen shelves. He is also known to give the best hugs! Dizzy is the dryer monster. He spends most of his time tumbling around (making him dizzy) or eating lint balls (his favorite food). He also loves to steal socks, so if yours are missing, you can probably blame him. Drowsy is the monster that lives under your bed, always ready for a nap. She is a collector of all things that fall off the bed — so if something from your bed goes missing, you know who took it! Sudsy is the dishwasher monster who loves to play with bubbles and clean all the dishes she can find. She’s always cleaning up the monster messes her friends make. Bumpy is the attic monster. He tries to be on his best behavior and not make noise, but he can’t help but bump into everything in his path — especially at night. Fluffy is the closet monster. She is a chatty fashionista who knows everything about clothes and shoes. The mess she leaves in the closet after she’s found the perfect outfit is probably going to be yours to clean up.

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The House Monsters collection is available now on Amazon and for $16.99 each. The Monsters will make their way to soon. You can read our full review here!

Fans of the House Monsters can follow the lives of these mischievous creatures in an animated YouTube series launching this month. In addition, the first book in a House Monsters book series, The Birthday Party, is available on Amazon for $15.95.

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