Made with stress foam, the little fidget toys easily slide onto hoodie strings. | Source: Hükes

Instead of just fidgeting with the drawstrings on their favorite hoodie, kids can fidget with the toy attached to them!

Hükes are a new, wearable fidget toy designed by a college junior attending Brigham Young University. The idea originally came from a business course that asked students to come up with a product, and now that classroom project is a real company.

Hükes offers squishy fidget toys that can slide onto hoodie strings, keychains, pencils, and more. This gives tweens and teens with restless hands easy access to a toy to fidget with. The toys are made of stress foam and currently offer five different animal designs: bear, panther, tiger, cougar, and bulldog. 

The preview video shows off the satisfying squish. | Source: Hükes

This fresh take on stress balls keeps kids’ pockets free while offering easy access to the fidget toy. It’s also quieter than some other fidget options since it’s made with squishy stress foam and not hard plastic or metal. And the cute animal designs make Hükes a fun accessory for outfits. 

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The company is also planning to add more animal designs to the mix. Sea otter, kitten, frog, wolf, and panda designs are all in the works with plans to be funded through a Kickstarter

The already released designs are available to purchase now on the official website for a budget-friendly $5 each.

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