The Hydro Bottle | Source: WeCool/ the Toy Insider

Often, DIY projects are things kids color, paint, and put somewhere never to be seen or played with again. While activities like that are fun to create, there’s only so much macaroni art one mom can keep. WeCool’s Hydro Bottle is different: It puts the fun in functional.

Kids can decorate the durable water bottle with more than 60 included stickers. Some of the stickers are black and white so that their imaginations can fill in the blanks with the included pink and blue markers. Others are colorful already. Both feature fun designs, such as “Fries Before Guys,” “Dream Big,” and plenty of cute animals.

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I was nervous that the marker would come off the stickers as soon as I colored it in, but even running water over it didn’t make the colors run. In fact, only a deep scrub with hot water and soap brought the stickers back to their original state, but — still — the stickers stayed in their place. The water bottle’s packaging states that it’s dishwasher safe and if kids want to start fresh, that might be the only way to remove the stickers.

The Hydro Bottle and stickers | Source: WeCool

To me, that’s a big bonus because kids don’t have to worry about their water bottle losing style on the way to soccer practice or at the bottom of their backpack at school. It also makes it a fun gift to decorate and give away, because the person receiving the water bottle will know the decorations will last.

The bottle boasts a double-wall design that can keep water cool in the summer heat. It also has a handy straw for easy drinking and is 100% food safe. Unfortunately, I don’t have soccer practice or school to attend to truly test how leak-proof it is, but I can say I swished and swashed it around as much as I could. There was not a drop to be found.

It’s safe to say that the Hydro Bottle is not something that will disappear to the place that macaroni art goes any time soon.

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