The iHeartArt JR Fingerpainting bundle is perfect for little artists. | Source: Bright Stripes/The Toy Insider

Every kid deserves to express their creativity through art. Bright Stripes offers tools for preschoolers to do just that with the iHeartArt JR collection.

The iHeartArt JR Finger Painting Bundle is great for aspiring Van Goghs, Monets, and Michaelangelos. This bundle comes with six different colored paints, four brushes that are perfect for little hands, and a jumbo-size pad of paper. For a little extra inspiration, a caregiver’s guide is included to bring out all the imagination your kid has to offer! Get it here for $29.99

The iHeartArt JR Draw N’ Doodle bundle is great for little hands that cant quite grasp smaller writing utensils. | Source: Bright Stripes

The Draw N’ Doodle Bundle has plenty of tools for little ones who like to scribble, including 10 washable markers, 12 jumbo crayons, and 12 finger crayons that are all easy to grip and control. With more than 60 pages in the included Scribble Pad, kids can spend days putting their creativity to the pages. Get it here for $29.99. When there is plenty of imagination left, but supplies are running low, you can also purchase individual parts of the bundles starting at $5.99. 

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The iHeartArt Dough and Roller bundle features reusable dough. | Source: Bright Stripes

For miniature sculptors, the Dough and Wooden Roller Bundle has six colored doughs and the supplies any kid would need to make their imagination run wild, including the wooden roller, animal punch outs, and a caregiver’s guide to help kids create dough animals. Kids can store the compound to keep it fresh and use it over again. Get it here for $15.99.

Bright Stripes donates 5% of the profits from the iHeartArt and iHeartArt JR collections to Art Feeds, an international nonprofit that brings art lessons and materials to kids around the world.

Imagine the possibilities of what kids will make with all these art tools!

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