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It’s not likely that your little one’s holiday wish list will include many books — if any at all. Every parent knows that Santa’s arrival doesn’t call for a pause on learning, so this holiday season, Insight Editions is providing the perfect gift for kids that gives reading a sweet twist.

Insight Editions is teaming up with Hasbro to reimagine the classic games Twister and Candy Land in book form. Candy Land: Colors and Twister: Right Hand Here are interactive board books that make for a fun, educational gift for kids of all ages!

Each book contains a host of colorful illustrations that nod to these timeless games. Candy Land: Colors takes readers on a journey through the many terrains of Candy Land, including the Peppermint Forest, Gumdrop Mountains, Candy Castle, and more. Along the way, little readers will be prompted to identify different colors and reveal surprise images behind pop-up flaps!

In typical Twister fashion, Twister: Right Hand Here invites readers to perform different physical actions on the red, blue, green, and yellow dots. Whether readers will have to place their hand on a big yellow dot or blow on a little green spot three times is a mystery solved by turning the page!

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Both of these books are equal parts entertaining and educational. As kids interact with the bright imagery, pointing out different colors and shapes, they will also build language and fine motor skills. And, of course, it’s probably been quite a while since caregivers have found themselves in a Twister-style human pretzel or shuffling their gingerbread pawn across a Candy Land board, so these Hasbro books are a great way to connect with kids over past memories, while creating new ones!

Twister: Right Hand Here and Candyland: Colors are both available for preorder at for $9.99 each.

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