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An important aspect of any culture is folklore. Ish Dolls is celebrating Hindu mythology to introduce kids to the joys of culture and diversity with plush characters that will ignite their imaginations!

The term “Ish Dolls” originates from the Sanskrit word Ishta-devata, which means cherished deity. In Hinduism, an Ishta-devata is one’s special protector. For example, this may refer to Krishna, a mischievous and playful leader in Hindu mythological lore.

The Krishna Ish Doll is joined by other plush folklore friends, including Shiva and Vasuki, Rama, Sita, and Lakshmi. These gods and goddesses appear in plush form just as they are represented in their respective mythological tales: with light blue skin, celestial garbs, markings, and items such as a trishula (trident) or a bow and arrow. Kids can bring mythology to life through these characters while learning about Hindu culture and tradition.

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These plush characters are sold separately, in pairs, or all together. For instance, the divine couple Rama and Sita come in a pair, authentic to their mythological background story. The “deity bundle” features the entire collection of characters for even more mystical fun. Ish Dolls also offers T-shirts and onesies featuring the various gods and goddesses. The onesies are designed for babies 6 months to 2 years old, and the T-shirts come in small (4-6), medium (6-8), and large (8-9) sizes.

Create a diverse playroom with heavenly Hindu plushies from Ish Dolls!

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