Every generation of tweens has its collectibles that get traded under desks and out at recess. itCoinz are the next addition to a long line of tradition.

itCoinz are magnetic, palm-size coins from Watchitude that feature fun images basketballs, glitter, fire, and more. Kids ages 10 and up can display itCoinz on lockers at school or refrigerators at home. 

Ids can also use itCoinz for competitions and battles by attaching one to a spinner, pit them against other ItCoinz in a ring, or use one of four game board sets to compete with other kids for points! The competition is simple: Kids just throw their itCoinz at the skee ball, space, or bug-themed game boards to aim for different point groups. Whoever gets the most points wins!

itCoinz have five levels of rarity! | Source: Watchitude

The line collection also has a fun collectible factor. ItCoinz come in blind bags that come with five itCoinz each. Single bags of itCoinz are available for $6 each, but kids can also get an included spinner for $12 and a bundle with a game board and spinner for $25. Each itCoinz has a 1-5-star rating based on how rare the itCoinz is, with one being the most common and five being the rarest.

itCoinz are currently available at itcoinz.com. Kids may not be able to spend itCoinz, but they’ll be rich with the fun of collecting and playing with them!

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