With only a month left until kids are introduced to a new iteration of Ariel in The Little Mermaid, Jakks Pacific is jumping into full gear to bring kids gadgets and gizmos a-plenty. 

The new line of toys is filled with moments for kids to recreate scenes from both the animated movie and the new one. Kids can look the part of Ariel wearing the two-piece costume ($29.99), which features a skirt designed to look like a flowing mermaid tail and a top covered in scales and sequins. They can also collect treasure with Ariel’s Found Treasure set ($19.99), which includes a spyglass, a compass, and a Dinglehopper! The set also has a bag and a detachable key ring, so kids can store all their treasures.

If kids don’t want to play the role of Ariel, they can play as King Triton or Ursula with the trident and seashell necklace toys. Kids can wave King Triton’s All-Powerful Trident ($19.99) to activate lights and sounds inspired by the movie or press the button on the Singing Seashell Necklace ($9.99) to hear Ariel’s voice trapped inside!

Ariel is ready to go on underwater adventures! | Source: Jakks Pacific

Finally, kids can sing and play sling with Ariel with the Under the Sea Exploring Ariel Doll ($44.99). The Ariel doll sings “Part of Your World” while her tail lights up and talks and sings when kids place her in water. The doll also comes with a Dinglehopper, a seashell, and four hair clips.

According to Sebastian, life is better down where it’s wetter, but kids under the sea don’t get these awesome new toys from Jakks Pacific!

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