Jazwares is bringing the Black Panther goods! | Source: Jazwares/The Toy Insider

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is now streaming on Disney+ and Jazwares has just the outfits to dress kids for a watch party! Kids can don the fit of their favorite character and cuddle up with the Jazware Black Panther plushie for the perfect movie night. 

The Marvel’s Black Panther Qualux Youth & Adult Costume means that kids and adults can match for any Marvel movie night. The costume is inspired by T’Challa and features a full-body jumpsuit designed to look like the iconic hero’s costume. The Marvel’s Shuri Youth Costume brings some representation for everyone’s favorite tech-savvy Wakandan. Finally, the Marvel’s Black Panther Infant Costume makes sure that even the youngest heroes can be ready to fight crime. Burt, Target.

Little Marvel fans can also get two Jazwares Black Panther toys. The Spidey and His Amazing Friends Marvel Black Panther Action Figure features Black Panther and a Panther Patroller vehicle for $11.99. Get it on Amazon here. The Marvel Hero Friends Black Panther Plush will make sure any kid can have the most powerful bedtime buddy.

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Black Panther and other Marvel movies are available to watch on Disney+ and Jazwares is making sure kids have the perfect toys and costumes for any movie-watching occasion. Look for them at major retailers near you.

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