Jazwares.RobinplushFor kids ages 4 and up who need rescuing from toys that require too gentle a touch, it’s Teen Titans Go! time! Jazwares’ line of toys based on the animated TV show already includes five-inch action figures and a mini-figure assortment (See our previous review). But there are also plush dolls that can handle a more rough-and-tumble style of play, thanks to polyester filling and a lightweight design that invites squeezing and tossing into the air. The plush comes in heroes Robin and Cyborg and bad guy Trigon, and each has similar proportions to its cartoon counterpart: Robin, for example, has a head that easily dwarfs his torso. There are also such fine details as the Boy Wonder’s stitched cape and Trigon’s long hair, both firmly attached so they can be used to drag these doll around.

While the two heroes definitely have their strong points, my favorite of the three dolls was Trigon, thanks to fuzzy skin—and hair—that provide the most interesting tactile experience. All in all, Teen Titans Go! plush is tailor-made for the superhero lifestyle, or one that potentially calls for even greater stamina—that of small kids.

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Phil Guie

Phil Guie

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