JIGGY Junior jigsaw puzzle design | Source: JIGGY/the Toy Insider

It’s time to get jiggy with jigsaw puzzles this summer! JIGGY is expanding its line of artist-driven puzzles to include jigsaw fun for kids in the new JIGGY Junior collection.

Recommended for kids ages 6 and up, each 100-piece puzzle helps kids learn shape and pattern recognition, spatial awareness, problem-solving and fine motor skills, and improve overall concentration. Just as JIGGY puzzles help adults de-stress, JIGGY Junior can also help kids practice mindfulness and create a connection to nature. Not to mention, these jigsaw puzzles are the perfect rainy-day activity.

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The first six puzzle designs will stay true to JIGGY’s appreciation for artists with each puzzle highlighting the work of an emerging female artist, including Farah Nour, Charly Clements, and Sara Boccaccini Meadows. A percentage of every sale will go to the artist who designed the puzzle to continue supporting the artistic community. 

The JIGGY Junior puzzles will be available on the JIGGY website on May 18 for $29 each.

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