There are endless options for farming fun with this six-piece set! | Source: TOMY

Mooooooooove out the way! There’s a new ride in town — and it’s full of adorable farm animals. 

The John Deere Animal Sounds Wagon Ride by TOMY is an interactive push toy that can help teach preschoolers more about farming, animals, shape recognition, and more. 

Designed for toddlers ages 1 and up, the six-piece wagon toy features working wheels, accurate farm animals sounds, and a reactive ladder that kids can press to hear different farm animal sing-along songs. The three adorable farm animals in this set are a pig, a dog, and a cow, and they are the perfect size to fit into little hands.

The John Deere Animal Sounds Wagon Ride includes four different figures kids can play with. | Source: TOMY

The wagon is a “grow with me” toy, so babies can initially play with it by pushing it around and pressing the ladder to hear the songs. Then, as they get older, preschoolers can use the provided animal figures to play a matching game and pair the unique shape on the bottom of each animal to the shape inside the wagon — a correct match will elicit the corresponding animal sound, such as “moo” or “oink.” 

Each animal character also features four rolling wheels for interactive farm fun so kids can play with the animals separately from the wagon by rolling each one on its wheels and imagining endless farming adventures! Additionally, parents can use the animal figures to teach preschoolers colors by asking them “What color is a pig?” and more.

Kids can practice shape recognition by matching the animals to the wagon. | Source: TOMY

The tractor and trailer roll easily on any surface, and the set includes three AA batteries, so the farm toy fun can start straight out of the box! The John Deere Animal Sounds Wagon also helps preschoolers develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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The John Deere Animal Sounds Wagon is a great set for the little farmer in your life and can get them excited about farm animals — no trip to the petting zoo required! 

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