The Monster Treads collection | Source: TOMY/the Toy Insider

The seasons may be changing, but John Deere can harvest joy any time of year.

TOMY’s line of John Deere Monster Treads tractors combine the iconic looks of John Deere with monster-vehicle styling for a unique ride that farmers wish they could have IRL. There are multiple toy vehicles in the line, including the Rev Up Tractor, the Lights and Sounds Gator, the Tractor with Wagon, and the Super Combine.

Kids can head off-road (and off-field) with each of the vehicles in the collection. The toys feature bouncy tires, unique tire tread designs, and sounds. The John Deere Monster Treads Rev Up Tractor is 10 inches long and includes a front grapple ladder with moving parts.

The John Deere Monster Treads Rev Up Tractor and Super Combine | Source: TOMY/the Toy Insider

Kids can push one of three buttons on the 6-inch John Deere Monster Treads Lights and Sounds Gator to hear monster engine noises and music. They can also untether the front winch with grapple hooks to pull any other Monster Treads that may have gotten stuck in the mud, including the John Deere Tractor with Wagon.

The John Deere Monster Treads Lights and Sounds Gator and Tractor with Wagon | Source: Tomy/the Toy Insider

If it isn’t stuck in the mud, kids can pick up a bounty with the Tractor with Wagon. It features an opening wagon door to haul hay or whatever else kids might find. Probably the product in this line to be most rightfully named “monster,” the Super Combine is easy to spot. It’s 18 inches long and almost 10 inches high and features a spinning combine that’s activated by rolling forward.

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Overall, the John Deere Monster Treads line is pretty clever. Even for someone whose idea of farm life is going apple picking once a year, I have to admit the rural charm is there. The iconic colors of John Deere pair well with the massive tire and truck noises and it brings two things together that kids really love.

It’s sure to be a monstrously good time for any kid.

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