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Who’s ready for a scrap metal story? The energy-efficient world of JUNKBOTS is expanding, bringing an adventure-filled series to both Roblox and YouTube. As HEXBUG prepares to release a new collection of JUNKBOTS toys, the story of the recycled robots will also get a video and virtual game remix. Not only will the butt-kicking ‘bots have an 8-part series on YouTube, but also a whole new JUNKBOTS game is heading to Roblox.

JUNKBOTS send kids on a mission to search through a toy dumpster and find ready-to-build robots inside. All the trash becomes treasure as kids recycle the garbage to create an individual, collectible JUNKBOT! To show kids more about the wonders of upcycling, the imaginative robots became part of Roblox’s digital universe last year and quickly became a popular avatar for players.

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The new JUNKBOTS Roblox game and new toy line are dropping this summer, and kids are promised an epic, multi-platform saga. The immersive series follows the JUNKBOTS crew as they team up to save the city alongside their friends in a multi-chapter Roblox story game. Kids will have endless opportunities to explore in this playground experience, play multiple mini-games within each mission, and unlock exclusive Roblox swag online while customizing and communicating with the world around them.

The YouTube series and interactive Roblox story game will make their way to screens in late July. After kids get immersed in the JUNKBOTS universe, they can find the JUNKBOTS Factory Collection of toys in stores this August with 16 characters to build with new recyclable materials, like pipes and power modules.

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