The dolls come with craft supplies, color-in clothing and accessories, and DIY activities for both kids and their doll. | Source: Just Play/the Toy Insider

Kids who love both dolls and arts and crafts no longer have to choose because Just Play is launching an Art Squad doll line that combines both.

The collection includes four Art Squad Dolls, each with their own fashion and art activity, including painting, etching, beading, and stenciling. The dolls come with arts and crafts supplies, color-in clothing and accessories, and DIY activities for both kids and their dolls. Kids can customize their doll’s outfit and accessories, and create colorful art pieces for themselves.

Nene Doll | Source: Just Play

Recommended for kids ages 5 and up, the dolls are 10 inches tall and feature rooted hair. Each doll comes with slightly different accessories, such as markers, eye shadow sticker sheets, ink palettes, stencils, sponge stampers, scrunchies, and more. They also each come with a doll stand.

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Art Squad first launched on July 1 at CAMP, the Family Experience Company, and the dolls are now available for presale on Amazon for $24.99 each. They will also roll out at Target in August.

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