Hairdorables Series 3

Hairdorables Series 3

All-new Hairdorables and their pals are here to show off their beautiful locks. 

Just Play‘s popular line of collectable dolls are rocking all the trendy looks in Series 3, HairDUDEables Series 1, Hairdorables Shortcuts, and Hairdorables Pets.

Kids ages 3 and up can continue unboxing fun thanks to the collection’s endless surprises and new figures to collect. 

These four new Hairdorables lines combine play and collecting in a relatable way. The dolls come with pieces kids can use, like scrunchies, barrettes, and stickers. They also introduce kids into the worlds of tech and social media in a fun and engaging way while providing them the opportunity to boost their emotional intelligence and freely express their creativity. 

The packaging is also a plus for kids as well as parents. Not only does it double as a play and display set within all the new lines, but also they can provide convenient storage for the dolls and their accessories. The cardboard has pop-out 3D features that match the dolls’ themes for kids to imagine and play out wild adventures to videotape and share. Once play time is over, kids can pack up the dolls and their accessories in the box’s compartments, which are designed to look like shelves of a closet. The box comes with a velcro closure to store each loose piece. With multiple ways to play, customize, and learn, the Hairdorables sets ranging from $7.99 to $24.99 are a steal.

Do a hair flip for all the new dolls joining the Hairdorables crew.

Hairdorables Series 3

First off is the latest series of the original Hairdorables line of YouTuber girls (pictured above). With 39 common, rare, and ultra rare dolls to collect, this series is packed with mystery and creative features to style the social media influencers. Kids will open the adorable packaging, which doubles as a play set with Signature, Slumber Party, Dance Party, and Outdoor Fun themes, to reveal 11 surprises, including a poseable doll in a stylish outfit, a collector list, an accessory, a hair tool, a hair extension, shoes, three stickers, a doll stand, and a signature card. Kids become the dolls’ stylist in this series. They can make their Hairdorables camera-ready using the crimper or curling iron to style the dolls’ hair or change the color using icy cold water before their next shoot. Kids get hours of playtime, tons of fun styling pieces, and more in one set for just $12.99.

Hairdorables ShorcutsHairdorables Shortcuts Series 1

To continue the fun and creative play, Hairdorables are now sharing their “big hair, don’t care,” motto with their little sisters. In the new Hairdorables Shortcuts collection, this younger generation of influencers may be small, but their hair and personalities just as big as their older siblings’. Each of the 25 Shortcuts comes in a shampoo bottle-shaped container with four compartments of surprises to unveil. Kids will find eight surprise items in each one, including a collector list, a barrette, an accessory, a signature card, two poptails, a scrunchie skirt, a themed scenery accessory, and a mystery doll. The possibilities are endless with Mini Me, signature, and ultra rare dolls to search for and collect.

Kids can put their creativity and imagination to work with this line of collectibles. The bottle doubles as a doll stand and display to take adorable selfies and play in each doll’s favorite locations. Kids simply pull out the third pod layer, attach the doll stand to it, insert the scenery accessory, and pose their doll in the scene for epic photos to share. They can also customize their shorty’s hair with the interchangeable poptails and barrettes to customize the doll’s hair any way they want. For just $9.99, kids can find the same big surprises and fun from the original set in a pint-sized collectible container. They can also share pieces with their Hairdorables dolls.

HairDUDEables BFF 2 PackHairDUDEables BFF 2 Pack

Next up is the HairDUDEables line of collectibles. The BFFs of the Hairdorables are breaking the internet with their own stylish looks and fun personalities in Series 1. Matched with their besties, six HairDUDEables influencers make their debut in a BFF 2 Pack, which includes 13 surprises. Kids will reveal a HairDUDEables doll with an outfit, two stickers, four accessories, shoes, two signatures cards, and an additional Hairdorables doll with an outfit and shoes. They can pose, play, and display the BFFs in their themed packaging to imagine all their great hair days for $24.99 when the pack launches in August.

Hairdorables Pets Series 2Hairdorables Pets Series 2

Finally, Hairdorables has a second range of furry, cuddly, and chic pals for kids to adopt. Hairdorabls Pets Series 2 is here to serve more Insta-worthy, shimmery looks. Each of the 25 new pets comes in Slumber Party, Outdoor Fun, and Ultra Rare themes with eight surprises to unbox. These include a collector list, three accessories, two stickers, and an adoption card. Kids can learn to care for and love their own little pets will these collectibles for just $7.99 when the pack launches in August.

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