Puppy Surprise, from Just Play, is a classic toy that keeps kids guessing how many puppies are inside until they open up the box. Popcorn & Her Pups come packaged in a cute box that doubles as a doggie carrier, complete with a bone cutout handle and paw cutout air vents. Popcorn herself is quite a sight, with bright pink ears and hair and a matching pink tail. Gold tinsel is mixed in for a fun look, and lace bows and a sparkly pink collar complete her style. Her white body is soft and furry, and she has a sculpted head that shows off her glittery nose and big blue eyes.


Of course, the real attraction of this toy is the surprise inside of Popcorn! I’ll admit that even as an adult, I was pretty darn excited to find out if Popcorn had three, four, or five puppies in her belly. Today is apparently my lucky day, because she had five! Four girls and one boy. Each puppy has its own unique look—the girls are all purple and pink, but display their colors in different ways, such as on their head, their ears, or back—and the boy is solid white with a sweet blue bow for a collar. My favorite element of this litter is that there is a runt! Everyone knows that the runt is the cutest in any litter, and I love that Just Play thought to incorporate a smaller puppy to fill this role.

When playtime is over and the puppies need their naps, kids can store them safely back inside Popcorn’s tummy.

Nostalgia junkies will enjoy this commercial from 1992.

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