One of the best things about Halloween is all the fun movies and TV content it brings!

Kabillion and Kabillion Girls Rule! are celebrating spooky season all October long with a lineup of fangtastic content, featuring some of kids’ favorite characters. Catch the Angry Birds piggies throwing a Halloween carnival, watch Sonic get sucked into a mirror in a haunted castle, join Sabrina as she chases Harvey the werewolf through Greendale, and more!

October is also National Bullying Prevention Month, so families can find some special programming on that topic as well. Check out the October lineup below!

On Kabillion:

  • Angry Birds: “Pig Plot Potion” — It’s Halloween, and the flock takes Luca trick or treating. However, one house doesn’t seem quite right.
  • Angry Birds: “Treasure Hunt” — Hambo is sent on a mission to uncover some treasure as the piggies throw a carnival for Halloween, and an uninvited guest joins in.
  • Angry Birds: “Porcula” — Porcula tries to eat a bird on Halloween, but the bird outwits him.
  • Oddbods: “Trick or Trick” — Follow the Oddbods as they go out and about tricking and treating their way through Halloween. Well … mostly tricking!
  • Pokémon: “Ghoul Daze!” — While Ash and friends are training at the Summer Academy, they are taught how to deal with Ghost-Type Pokémon, should they ever run into them.
  • Sonic X: “Sonic’s Scream Test” — During Chris’ mom’s movie shoot in a haunted castle, Sonic and friends are sucked into a mirror and King BoomBoo possesses Amy.
  • Transformers Animated: “Along Came a Spider” — Bumblebee and Bulkhead’s first Halloween turns even spookier when they encounter a giant spider that turns out to be the deadly Decepticon Blackarachnia.
  • Dream Defenders: “Fears of a Clown” — Class clown Bill has been pranking Zane lately. When the twins discover that Bill is Dreamwalking, they enter the Dreamworlds to rescue him, where a terrifying carnival of scares led by a grinning Clown Momok triggers Zoey’s childhood fear of clowns.

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On Kabillion Girls Rule!:

  • Barbie Dreamtopia: “Sound in Sweetvillle” — Chelsea hears a scary noise coming from under her bed and instead imagines herself in Sweetville, where residents are hearing a strange noise, which is causing the Candy Castle walls to shake apart.
  • Barbie Dreamtopia: “The Damaged Spellbook” — When Chelsea discovers that Otto has torn a page in a cookbook that he borrowed, she goes to Dreamtopia, where the Apprentice Queens perform an opposite spell that mysteriously goes haywire.
  • BabyRiki: “Magic Tricks & A Fairy Tale” — While Wally and Pandy are playing, Pandy discovers a magic box and Wally is writing a fairy tale.
  • BabyRiki: “Magic Wand & Crown” — Rosy and Pandy are playing with a magic wand and the BabyRiki are outside in the park enjoying autumn.
  • Bobby’s World: “Nightmare On Bobby’s Street” — Bobby notices a mysterious house on his block and gets scared to go near it — until he meets the man who lives there.
  • Bobby’s World: “Night Of The Living Pumpkin” — It’s Halloween and Bobby is too little to go trick-or-treating, so Uncle Ted helps Bobby turn his home into a Halloween House of Horror.

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  • Chloe’s Closet: “A Magical Dustup” — There’s trouble in Fairyland when the official Fairy Duster falls ill and all of the magic dust is depleted. Chloe, Danny, and Tara must resupply the magical ingredient!
  • Dive Olly Dive: “Haunted Ship Prank” — Skid challenges Olly to stay overnight on the haunted shipwreck, despite warnings from Doug to stay away from the place.
  • Dive Olly Dive: “Hide and Seaweed” — While on assignment in the Kelp Forest, Olly confronts a “sea monster:” the giant octopus of Kraken fame.
  • Geronimo Stilton: “Castle Creeps” — When Pandora’s pet hamster, Mr. Nibbles, runs off, it leads her and Benjamin to the long-forgotten Whiskerfur Castle, full of ghostly specters and creepy sounds.
  • Geronimo Stilton: “Mummy with No Name” — Strange things are happening at the New Mouse City Museum. There are reports of a mummy walking around the museum at night and even during the day, frightening visitors.
  • Little Baby Bum: “Halloween Songs” —Halloween is full of spooks and scares, and it’s up to Mia to show Ella how scary can be fun!
  • Little Baby Bum: “More Halloween” — Halloween Shark Time and more is the Little Baby Bum way to do it.

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  • Monster High: “Calling All Ghouls” — Draculaura, Frankie, Clawdeen, Cleo, and Lagoona travel to a Transylvanian castle to find a lost vampire Princess and bring her back to Monster High. The Ghoul Squad is born!
  • Monster High: “Garden Ghouls” — The Ghoul Squad receives a call for help from Treesa Thrornwillow, whose sister is plotting to destroy the Haunted Garden where they both live. The ghouls must take flight with new butterfly wings to stop Treesa’s sister and save the garden.
  • Sabrina: “Night Pests” — Sabrina goes into Jessie’s dream in order to fight a monster that has been appearing in their nightmares.
  • Sabrina: “Return of the Werewolf” — Harvey the werewolf gets loose in Greendale, then gets loose at Witch School.
  • My Little Pony: “Ghost of Paradise Estate” — A ghost appears to the Baby Ponies, but won’t appear when Megan is around.
  • Thomas & Friends: “Scaredy Engines” — Thomas, Percy, and Duck are sent to the Smelter to collect some scrap on Halloween. But after Edward’s spooky ghost stories, Percy is scared.

For National Bullying Prevention Month, Kabillion will also feature special episodes of Gumby and Dream Defenders and Kabillion Girls Rule! will feature special episodes of ToddWorld and Wendy.

Kabillion and Kabillion Girls Rule! are the free to watch, available on-demand on most cable and satellite services and streaming on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, RokuSling TV, and XUMO.

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