Not all kids love to read, but what if your little one was the main character in his or her next bedtime story?

Through KD Novelties’ personalized novelty books, kids become the center of a variety of different stories alongside characters they know and love, from Aladdin and Jasmine to Elmo and the Sesame Street gang. There are also various generic fantasy, adventure, and educational stories to choose from.

One of the fantasy tales, Where Do Dreams Come From?, brings your child on an adventure to Dream Land, where they meet the Dream Fairies who build dreams for kids around the world with the help of their Dream Machine.

Where Do Dreams Come From? opens with your child as they wake up from a dream about one of their favorite things. The child, curious about what prompts specific dreams, asks his or her parents where dreams come from.

From there, your child is told the story of Dream Land and begins to daydream about its many parts, such as the Dream School where the Dream Fairies are taught everything children love. Disaster seems to loom when your child discovers the Dream Machine can get stuck, but the Dream Fairies swoop in and save the day and fix the machine. Your child rests easily that night knowing the Dream Machine is safe and discovers the ability to daydream.

The personalized storytelling not only helps engage children in reading, but it also helps foster both imagination and confidence as they read a story that places them at the center of an adventure.

You can also include the names of friends or relatives to play a part in the story alongside your child, personalizing the story even further and combining your child’s personal experiences with the fantasy world spun together in the story.

To customize the gift even further, you can include a dedication for your child to cherish even after they have outgrown the book.

In addition to storybooks, KD Novelties also offers personalized CDs, such as the Elmo Music CD. The CDS include songs that repeatedly find ways to incorporate your child’s name into the rhythm. In Elmo’s CD, the iconic character sings your child’s name more than 60 times throughout the various Sesame Street hits, providing an intensely interactive singing and dancing experience.

Songs featured on the CD include “Dancing Shoes” and the “Sesame Street Theme Song.

However, the fun doesn’t stop with Elmo and friends. KD Novelties’ personalized music collection includes CDs that feature songs from the VeggieTales, Disney Princess musicals, and Barney.

To get your child his or her own book or CD, head to the KD Novelties website and fill out a form with basic information, such as his or her gender, age, hometown, state, and first and last name. The form even allows you to include the pronunciation of your child’s first name to ensure a more realistic experience for them—and to see their face light up when they hear these iconic characters sing their name.

The books and CDs are recommended for kids up to 8 years old, however it won’t be an easy keepsake to part with. Your children can carry the adventure they spent with their favorite characters with them well into adulthood.

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Casey Holland